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Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the best way to clean many of your home or commercial property's exteriors. When done by professionals, it's a safe, quick, and thorough method of cleaning that has lots of applications. If you've got questions or concerns about pressure washing, read the Frequently Asked Questions below for answers.

What exactly is pressure washing?

Pressure washing cleans grime, mildew, dirt, and more from exterior surfaces like concrete, wood, and window glass. Different degrees of high pressure are used to carefully clean tough surfaces like sidewalks, while low to very low pressure is combined with water and environmentally friendly cleaners to soft wash more delicate surfaces.

What is the main piece of equipment involved?

That would be the pressure washer itself. Pressure washing machines come in a variety of strengths and sizes. Licensed and insured pressure washing services should have the advantage of professional equipment along with the skill and know-how to use it.

What surfaces can pressure washing clean?

When properly adjusted for the specific material and situation, a pressure washer can clean concrete, vinyl, wood, asphalt shingles, and more.

What's soft washing?

It's a form of pressure washing. Instead of high pressure, soft washing relies on water and environmentally friendly cleaners to soak stains before gently rinsing them away.

Can it remove motor oil and grease spots?

Yes. Driveways and garage floors will look like new after pressure washing. Special cleaners will bond to the stains before they're washed away.

Can it remove rust from metal surfaces?

It certainly can. Metal awnings and other metal surfaces will look refreshed after an expert pressure washing that removes the rust while leaving the underlying metal intact.

Can it remove graffiti?

Timing is crucial when dealing with graffiti, so a timely pressure washing is the easiest way to remove graffiti. Even if the graffiti has been there for a long time, an expert pressure washing professional can probably remove it with the right equipment and technique.

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